Lost Innocence

She knew what she wanted to be since she was 10
broke up with her boyfriend because it was becoming something bigger then her
she didn’t like going ‘detective’ on his ass on the regular
every person she met, she talked inspiration to
till one night she went out with her girls, quarter past two

In the smokers area when she met someone brand new
They got to know each other and exchanged numbers
beautiful inside and out, down ass girl without a doubt
always keeping it real, humble as they come
she knew she would touch hearts of a million
she liked sharing her spiritual knowledge
and dreams she was going to pursue
how she was going to heal the world
bring old school hip hop back too

The next day she got a text saying
“Hey, its me. ive been working all week
lets go for a cruise, go to the beach, get something to eat”
she replied “sure, why not?” being naive
He picked her up and she didnt tell her parents
started a conversation, trying to spark intelligence
she waiting to head to the beach or get something to eat
talk about their journeys and where they wanted to be
but she started to freak
when he was showing no interest, driving around dark streets
“lets go to my sisters” he said “nobodies there”
she replied “do I have a choice?”
and he responded with a glare
pulling up a driveway, she tried to stay calm
not knowing where she was, she should of stayed alarmed



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